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Mission Statement: 

As an Indigenous-owned music publishing company, my vision is to create a brand solely for Native American and Indigenous singers, musicians, songwriters, and performers.

Music Moves every emotion...

in the body. Its importance cannot be diminished. It speaks to my spirit in the humdrum of everyday life. It's not just human but an animal spirit, everything that feels in the natural world is moved by it, insects, flowers, reptiles, trees and etc. 

My love and passion for native music are who I am as a woman and a native. I know it from the inside and out to know every artist because it is all I listen to... I know its history and I know is present. Indigenous music began by imitating sounds of nature. When you playback Indigenous music to nature it responds because it was the original master of sound. 

 I first began listening to artists like Floyd Red Crow Westerman and John Trudell. Their music still carries relevance today and of course gave birth to so many other upcoming musicians, like Nahko, Prolific, and Rayne Zaragoza. 

Native music can be described as the music of the soul, and of the earth. It can be trance-like and take one into a different reality, calm your mind, move you into awe, make you dream, connect you to the universe, and speak to the creator as in ceremonial music…. or give it to you straight, as in Rap.  

The Music Publishing Company is a new venture for me, yet I look at the immense field of new and emerging Native artists and have a lot to choose from yet, it is the love of the music and gut feeling for what people want to hear that makes the difference. 




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About the Company

As an Indigenous-owned music publishing company, the vision is to create a brand solely for Native American and Indigenous singers, musicians, songwriters, and performers. Indigenous World Music Nations is run by Natives for Natives. Its purpose is to fill the void of unprotected Native music by providing a professional company with honesty and integrity as its core value as well as providing professional representation focused on the dire need to protect Native artists and their work. 


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